FBI Top 10 Fugitives

Periodically, the Federal Bureau of Investigation releases an FBI fugitives list to the general public. The nation’s top law enforcement agency publishes this list in the hope that someone will recognize one of the fugitives or contribute information to the Bureau that will eventually lead to capture.

The FBI top ten is typically made up of all males, most of whom are relatively young. To make the FBI top 10 fugitives list, criminals have to have a long rap sheet and most of those on the list are wanted for violent crimes or serious drug-related offenses.

Some of the crimes most commonly committed by FBI top 10 fugitives include:

  1. Murder – First-degree murder is a common charge among fugitives on the FBI top ten, many of whom have killed more than one individual. Typically, the murder charges are also accompanied by several related crimes

  2. Drug Trafficking – There are usually one or two high-level drug cartel members on the FBI fugitives list wanted for distribution and sales of narcotics. Often these fugitives are also wanted in connection with violent crimes associated with drug dealing.

  3. Money Laundering/Fraud – White-collar crimes are not exempt from the FBI’s list. Fugitives wanted for fraud are also commonly caught up in securities violations, conspiracy and aiding and abetting.

The FBI top ten can be dangerous

Authorities all over the U.S. count on crimestoppers to help them prevent all types of criminal activities. The more people who report local crimes, the better chance law enforcement officers have of capturing a wanted criminal, particularly someone from the FBI top 10 fugitives list. In many cases, the crime that eventually brings one of these kingpins down is a minor infraction.

The fugitives on the FBI fugitives list should always be considered extremely dangerous. Even those not wanted for violent crime may resort to such measures if pressured, so never attempt to approach or apprehend a wanted fugitive on your own. If you see someone you believe to be part of the FBI top ten, call the police immediately.

To aid the public in identifying the men from the list, the FBI also releases the following information regarding the suspects:

  • Known aliases
  • Tattoos and identifying markings
  • Photos of the fugitive
  • Last known whereabouts
  • Age, weight, height and full physical description

What to know about the FBI top 10 fugitives list

It’s important to check the list often to find out which fugitives may be in your area. The FBI updates the top ten list regularly and frequently posts new information and even capture dates when one of the fugitives is brought in.

A few decades ago, violent criminals like Al Capone filled up most of the FBI fugitives list. In the 21st century, however, criminals are getting smarter and harder to track down. From computer crime to identity theft, today’s worst offenders don’t always need weapons to pull off something illegal.

If you believe you have information regarding a person on the FBI top 10 fugitives list, contact the closest FBI regional office or your local police department immediately.